Why Nature Guard?

Why should you go organic with Nature Guard?

Below are just a few reasons why:

Proven, Eco-Friendly Approach

By using cutting edge organic technology that focuses on creating health soil we can turn your lawn into an environment that is green in every way.  The natural-organic or bio-nutrients that we use are made from natural components.  You can use and enjoy your lawn the same day we apply our exclusive organic nutrients to your lawn.

Our Commitment to Integrity

Based on bio-rational principles, we carefully scrutinize and select every product we apply.  We will never use products that were derived from human waste, and we promise to keep you well informed about every treatment or application performed on your lawn, trees, and shrubs.

Unparalleled Service

Our educated and insured professionals have extensive knowledge of organic products and are cross-trained in all aspects of organic lawn and plant care.  And because they are local residents, Nature Guard professionals provide a high level of regional expertise that increases the value of our service.

Cost Effective Solution

Nature Guard is competitively priced compared to conventional chemical programs and less expensive than other organic programs.  In a short amount of time the reduced need for watering, mowing and chemical applications will save you money and time.


Click Here to see how the Nature Guard’s organic 6-step lawn fertilization program compares with chemical based programs.