Nature Guard products and programs are based on improving soil biology to create a suitable and effective growing environment for turf.

Our Organic Lawn Management System is a patented turf care system that includes a full range of programs including:

¤  Nature Guard 6 and 8 Step Lawn Care Programs

¤ Premium Organic Lawn Care Program

¤  Lime Application

¤  Soil Testing & Analysis

¤  Lawn Aeration

¤  Lawn Renovation

¤  Spring/Fall Over-Seeding

¤  Irrigation Monitoring Service

¤  Grub Control

¤  Tick Control

¤  Crab Grass Treatment


Plant Health Care for Trees and Shrubs

Based on an examination of the ornamental trees and shrubs on your property, key plants and potential pests are identified and a program is formulated to monitor conditions and correct problems as needed.  Another aim of our plant health care program is to improve plant growth or eliminate adverse conditions so that it will be healthy and better able to defend itself against attack from insects and disease.

Natural Pest Control

Nature Guard can control destructive insects plaguing your valued landscape plants without using toxic pesticides that not only cause harm to people and pets but also to beneficial populations like lady bugs, earthworms, and bees.


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