Why Organic?

There are many reasons why organic products are the best choice in lawn care.  The most important is that natural-organic fertilizer is safer for you, your family, and your pets.  Synthetic products can render your lawn toxic for anywhere from an hour to a full day.  The natural-organic fertilizers or bio-nutrients that we use are made from natural components and are non-toxic so you can use the lawn right after it is applied.  It is also chemical free and won’t leach or run off so the entire approach is much safer for the environment.  Organic products also improve the soil structure which reduces the need for watering.  The water is retained for a longer period of time than in a chemically balanced lawn. 

Organic lawns are also thicker and greener than conventional lawns.  In addition to that, they stay greener longer.   The most attractive reason for why organic is better is the cost savings over time.  The majority of people will be paying for some type of lawn care for as long as they own a house.  Although it may seem like the switch to organic is more expensive the first year, after that the savings add up due to the sustainability of the lawn.  It will cost less in watering expenses as well as maintenance expenses because the lawn has built itself up and does not need as much to stay lush and beautiful.