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Letting other people know about our company, Nature Guard, is the best compliment our clients can give us. We are committed to rewarding our current clients for any new business referred to us. If you are happy with the service provided to you, please recommend any of your neighbors, friends, or family for our lawn care program or services and receive 20% off of your next lawn care purchase with us. Referring our lawn care program will not only save you money but it will help all of us reduce our carbon footprint and promote a healthy environment for our communities.

There are 3 ways to refer your friend or family member to Nature Guard:

  1. Give your friend or family member our contact information and make sure they tell us your name
  2. Fill out the form below with your information and their contact information so that we can reach out to them and offer our services
  3. Finally, click here to send a friend a recommendation email – you just need to put in your name, your email address, your friends name, and their email address and an email will be sent to them letting them know that you recommend us for service.
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