Enjoy your lawn!

Thicker and Greener

Kids and pets alike will enjoy!

The Natural Choice

Organic lawn and plant care that cultivates beauty responsibly.

Is your lawn safe enough to picnic or play on? Is your dream of having a beautiful landscape as important as being environmentally responsible? Then Nature Guard Organic Lawn and Plant care is the natural choice to make.

For over 30 years we have been servicing Cape Cod and southeastern Massachusetts . As a locally-owned and operated business, we not only understand the specific growing conditions of our coastal community, we also have a vested interest in your safety and the protection of our fragile eco-system which is why I would like to introduce our division of organic lawn and plant care, Nature Guard.

With Nature Guard you can enjoy a lush lawn and healthy plants naturally without potential health risks for you, your family, your pets and our environment at an affordable price. We use natural-organic and bio-nutrients made from natural components that focus on the improvement of soil health through the introduction and amplification of soil biology, as well as, improving soil structure and chemistry. We utilize new science when control measures are required by choosing EPA exempt, EPA reduced Risk or certified organic pesticides. All of our lawn programs are compliant with new varying fertilizer restrictions.

Contact us today or complete the free lawn and plant care evaluation request to schedule with one of our certified specialists. We will evaluate your lawn and plant care needs, provide a customized plan and a price estimate. See why Nature Guard is the natural choice for a beautiful, safe and eco-friendly landscape.

Bob Hoxie

President and Owner



Benefits of Nature Guard organic lawn care:

Nature Guard and Cape Cod Organic Lawn Care requires less watering than traditional lawn care 
Healthier for your Lawn and Plants

Nature Guard’s organic approach is more eco-beneficial than chemical-based programs

  • Lawns are greener and thicker than conventionally treated lawns
  • Lawns withstand drought better because of improved soil structure and increased root mass
  • Lawns have fewer weeds since a thick, lush turf is the best defense against them
  • Plants and trees are healthier and resist insects and disease better due to improved growing conditions


Safer and Better for Everyone

Nature Guard’s approach is safe and eco-friendly

  • Minimizes exposure to toxic synthetic chemicals so you, your family, friends, and pets can enjoy your lawn without the concerns of chemical treatments.  No warning signs needed!
  • Conserves water by enriching soil with organic matter that has increased pore space which retains water better so less watering is required
  • Reduces your carbon footprint by using natural organic products and decreases America’s dependence on fossil fuelds used to produce synthetic chemical fertilizers
  • Protects our waterways and aquifers by not contributing to nutrient loading of nitrates and phosphates

Nature Guard and Cape Cod Organic Lawn Care requires no chemicals


Enjoy your lawn!


  • You can feel good about having a picnic in the backyard or romping around with the kids and dog without the health concerns of chemical treatments.
  • Many EPA-approved pesticides were registered long before extensive research linked these chemicals to cancer and other illnesses.
  • Carefully selected products utilizing newer science mean little or no wait time to use your lawn after an application.

Nature Guard and Cape Cod Organic Lawn Care better for the environment


Compliant with new strict fertilizer regulations


  • Nature Guard organic lawn care will not contribute to nutrient loading of nitrates and phosphates to our waterways and aquifers.
  •  Chemical fertilizers have been shown to attribute for about 5 to 10 percent of the nitrogen load in waterways contributing to deadly algae blooms and dead zones.
  • It also reduces America’s dependence on fossil fuels which are used to produce aynthetic chemical fertilizers.

Nature Guard and Cape Cod Organic Lawn Care costs less


Nature Guard organic lawn care is competitively priced compared to conventional programs.

  • The aim of an effective organic program is sustainability and to reduce inputs over time.
  • If you take into account the savings of reduced water and chemical inputs in time organic lawn care may be more cost effective.